Professional Services

While commercial support time purchased through ESF will cover most things related to pfSense, there are some tasks which involve configuration, testing and implementation. This is where our professional services team comes in. Professional services are billed separately from commercial support and you will receive a statement of work from our engineers prior to the start of the project.

For assistance on any of the professional services, please e-mail detailing your requirements and time frame. We will be in contact (usually within 24 business hours).

Network Security

ESF has partnered with PatchAdvisor, an industry leader in network security. PatchAdvisor can conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment with the goal of assessing the security posture of your internal network and systems security controls. Every device within the network is evaluated for configuration backdoors, trojans, malware, and mis-configuration which can lead to attacks and intrusions from the outside.

Our experienced professionals will examine the internal information systems for implementation of industry best practices and perform a technical review to verify existing vulnerabilities and configuration errors.

PatchAdvisor also offers product-independent network designs as well as design reviews of pre-deployment specifications and existing networks with an emphasis on potential vulnerabilities and network management shortfalls.

For more information, please contact

CARP Configuration

The Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) allows multiple hosts to share the same IP address and provide high availability. One or more hosts can fail, and the others will take over for the failed system transparently. In addition to the shared IP address, hosts also have a unique IP address for management and configuration. Our professional services team can configure your firewalls to support high availability, thus reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Network Design

Before you can begin to design a network, you first must determine your needs. What services must you provide to your user community? What are the resources you'll need? You have to take into account network protocols, applications, network speed, and, most important, network security issues. Another important factor your management will probably force you to consider is cost — you can't forget the budget.

We have provided assistance with network design ranging from a review of your proposed design, to completely designing the environment to your requirements and providing complete, professional network diagrams and documentation. These are commonly larger or more complex networks, such as co-location environments, WISPs, small ISPs, universities, and large corporate environments.

Firewall Conversion

Migrating from one firewall vendor to another can be a huge undertaking requiring hours of tedious access and NAT rule rewriting, testing, verification and more!. For customers with an existing firewall looking to convert to pfSense software, we can configure your pfSense software to match the settings of your existing firewall product. We have experience with a wide range of commercial and open source firewalls, and extensive expertise and experience with Cisco PIX and ASA.

Systems and Infrastructure Install

Underlying applications to manage data, customers and infrastructure are absolutely critical. The installation and configuration of these applications can also be a daunting task. The ESF professional services team can help with the consultation, installation and configuration of the following enterprise applications:

  • Cacti - Performance and utilization graphing
  • Nagios - Network monitoring
  • rsyslog+ElasticSearch+Kibana3 - Log aggregation server (free splunk alternative)
  • Splunk - Log aggregation server
  • vTiger CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • Bitrix24 CRM and Workspaces

IPv6 Readiness

The pool of available IPv4 address space is rapidly depleting. Once it is depleted, the only option left for organizations who are not IPv6 ready will be the open market. When all of the IPv4 space is finally exhausted, we expect to see a great demand for IPv6. This will likely result in large numbers of backlogged requests for IP space, leaving many organizations unable to function until the registries catch up. The days of IPv4 are coming to an end, and your organization needs to be prepared. Because IPv6 is such a different protocol, the transition involves more than just renumbering your networks. Many questions must first be addressed. Some of these are:

  • Do your network and storage hardware vendors support IPv6?
  • Do all of your server and end-users software suites support IPv6?
  • What about address planning?
  • Will you be multi-homed?
  • What routing protocols will you use?
  • What will you use to manage the massive amounts of network space available in IPv6?
  • Will you require network translation?
  • IPv6 has no concept of "private addressing". How will you secure your networks?

We will work with your IT department to create and implement an IPv6 transition plan, so that you are ready before it's too late. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your organization is completely functional on IPv6.

For assistance on any of the aforementioned services, please e-mail detailing your requirements and time frame. We will be in contact (usually within 24 business hours).

Professional Development Services

Professional development services are available from the company behind the pfSense project, Electric Sheep Fencing LLC, which employs most of the developers with commit access to the pfSense repository, because of the familiarity with their work and the developers familiarity with the existing code base. This compensation also helps keeps paid developers motivated to continue working on the open source projects on a volunteer basis.

Feature Requests

For smaller jobs, we encourage users to submit bounties for desired features. We have a bounty board on the forum for these projects. Please read the bounty board rules and guidelines for more information.