Security, Design, Implementation Professional Services

Our Professional Services team combines decades of technical expertise and industry experience to recommend the best practices for your organization, maximize your investment and deliver an optimized and efficient solution. Our offerings cover every major project phase from strategy through implementation. From a complex deployment of a single node to a customized enterprise project.

Consulting & Implementation Services

For new, large-scale deployments, customers typically engage with us for an end-to-end implementation. We specialize in requirements gathering, solution design, installation support, integration testing, and go-live / production roll-out.

Managed Upgrades

Software upgrades often present unexpected challenges, significant risk and unplanned downtime. Remaining current is essential to remaining secure. We manage hundreds of production-level upgrades and over time, this has helped us develop an extensive set of best practices around keeping customers up to date with the latest version of pfSense

Network Security

pfSense has partnered with PatchAdvisor, an industry leader in network security. PatchAdvisor can conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment with the goal of assessing the security posture of your internal network and systems security controls. Every device within the network is evaluated for configuration back-doors, trojans, malware, and mis-configuration which can lead to attacks and intrusions from the outside.

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Network Design

Before you can begin to design a network, you first must determine your needs. What services must you provide to your user community? What are the resources you'll need? You have to take into account network protocols, applications, network speed, and, most important, network security issues. Another important factor your management will probably force you to consider is cost — you can't forget the budget.

High-Availability (HA) Configuration

The Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) allows multiple hosts to share the same IP address and provide high availability. One or more hosts can fail, and the others will take over for the failed system transparently. In addition to the shared IP address, hosts also have a unique IP address for management and configuration. Our professional services team can configure your firewalls to support high availability, thus reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Firewall Conversion

Migrating from one firewall vendor to another can be a huge undertaking requiring hours of tedious access and NAT rule rewriting, testing, verification and more!. For customers with an existing firewall looking to convert to pfSense software, we can configure your pfSense software to match the settings of your existing firewall product. We have experience with a wide range of commercial and open source firewalls, and extensive expertise and experience with Cisco PIX and ASA.

How Professional Services Works


Engage - The process begins when you submit the services to us you are interested in. Whether you’re looking for experts to advise, transform, or enhance your network infrastructure, we have the knowledge and talent to make it happen.

Requirements - Once you have submitted your interest, one of our engineers will contact you to schedule a WebEx meeting at your convenience to outline your current challenges. Figure out what your goals are, and what do would like to achieve. We will then evaluate that information and begin formulating a plan.

Design - This is where we go to work for you. The key to creating remarkable experiences is our passion to drive and deliver results. Collaborating with your team, we deliver solutions based on best practices, industry standards, and decades of experience to ensure your infrastructure is as secure as it can be.

Results - We deliver your custom solution to you for acceptance. We intend to keep earning your business through providing better service and hope that you will look to us for your deployment and configuration needs.

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