Never A Better Time To Get Involved

Open source projects gain popularity and thrive because of the invaluable contributions of many people. Everyone is capable of helping in some regard, and we encourage you to pitch in however you can. If you want to help, but don't know where to start, we recommend first taking your time to get to know the product and the community so you can be most efficient.

Financial Support

Buying Direct You can order stickers, apparel, pre-loaded USB sticks, and hardware direct from Netgate or through a Netgate partner. Our pre-installed appliances are the fast, easy way to get up and running with a fully-optimized system.
Gold Membership This premium membership program by Netgate is designed to provide special benefits to our members while supporting ongoing development of the open source pfSense project.
Donations We no longer accept donations and the main reason is we believe that your donation is better directed at the FreeBSD Foundation. Supporting the FreeBSD Foundation advances FreeBSD and pfSense benefits directly from these advances.

Join The Discussion

Forums We have an active forum where you can get help, help others, and more.
Mailing Lists Support and Discussion - For discussion on the project in general, questions, discussing problems, etc. You can subscribe or view the list archive.
Development - For discussion of development-related topics. If you aren't writing code, please don't post. You can subscribe or view the list archive.
Security Advisories - Important security notifications of security advisories. You can subscribe or view the list archive.
IRC We have an active IRC channel on Freenode, #pfsense. If you have a question, just pop in and ask, and wait for a reply. You can also use FreeNode's WebChat to join the conversation.
Social Networks Twitter - Follow @pfsense to keep up to date with the latest announcements. Share your thoughts on the project with #pfsense.
LinkedIn - Join like-minded professionals in our LinkedIn group.
Spiceworks - Are you a Spice head? Follow our pfSense page and join the pfSense group.
Reddit - Participate in the pfSense subreddit, help answer questions, or point people in the right direction and help spread accurate information.

Development Resources

Source Code If you are capable of contributing code changes, we encourage you to do so. The source code can be found on Github and we love receiving contributions from our community.
Issue Tracker Issues and feature requests can be filed on our issue tracker (if you are not sure, please post a question on the mailing list or forum first).
Documentation We can always use help with creating documentation and correcting existing material. If you would like to assist, please email for an account on our documentation wiki.
Daily Snapshots Run a pfSense Snapshot and help us hunt down bugs in the pfSense software. Any new issues you discover can be discussed on our forum.

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