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There are several means of obtaining support for pfSense® software to meet varying needs. There is guaranteed commercial support, offered by the pfSense team, for those networks in need of high levels of support all the way to community support for the home user that is new to the pfSense project and just needs to be pointed in the right direction.

Commercial Support

Our Team is an Extension of Yours

Purchasing support from us provides you with direct access to the pfSense team with a targeted response time of one business day for all support questions related to pfSense core. pfSense support compliments your IT resources, adding value and increasing efficiency by having a pfSense engineer ready to answer your questions and provide best practice advice. What's more, if you purchase your hardware appliance from the pfSense store, our support team will be more empowered to provide end-to-end solutions which encompass the hardware or the firewall application.

Managing Your IT Budget

Our support model is unique in that everything is on an hourly basis. This helps you manage your already-stretched IT budget! Support plans start with a 2-hour minimum commitment and are billed at an incremental hourly rate after that. You can purchase support as you need it without a large initial or subsequent purchase resulting in valuable IT dollars being left on the table. Support hours do expire one year after date of purchase. For more complex projects that deal with anything outside of pfSense core, we offer professional services at a very reasonable rate.

Support Services Offered

The following outlines the services we most commonly provide to our customers, this is not an exhaustive list:

If you run into a problem with pfSense software, we are here to help.
Configuration Assistance
Whether you need some brief guidance on the best approach, or want us to walk you through the configuration via GoToMeeting to control your screen, or log in to your firewall and completely configure it ourselves, we are available for any level of assistance.
Configuration Review
We can review your configuration to ensure it follows both pfSense and general firewall best practices, and provide recommendations on improvements.

Targeted Response Time

It is our goal to see to it that all inquiries receive a qualified reply within one business day. Issues are prioritized by severity - problems causing an outage or having significant immediate impact on your network will always take priority, and will receive our attention as quickly as possible.


pfSense engineers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM US Eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays in the United States.

Commercial support is provided from the company founded by the people behind the pfSense project, Electric Sheep Fencing LLC.

Direct support is available for support subscribers only.

Community Support

There are many avenues that our community members use to communicate with each other. Before using any of these resources, please review the project rules below.


We have an active forum where you can get help, create a bounty for a project, and more.

Mailing Lists

Project Announcements
Subscribe to this list to receive important notifications from the project administrators. Low volume, only announcements of major new versions and other important announcements. Less than 10 posts per year. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your preferences or view the list archive as of September 2011.
Support and Discussion
This list is for any discussion on the project in general, questions on how to do things, discussing problems, etc. Anyone who subscribes can post. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your preferences or view the list archive as of September 2011.
This list is for discussion of development-related topics. If you are developing in relation to pfSense software, this is the place to discuss it. If you aren't writing code, please don't use this mailing list. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your preferences or view the list archive as of September 2011.
Security Advisories
Subscribe to this list to receive important security notifications from the project administrators. Low volume, only announcements of security advisories. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your preferences or view the list archive as of September 2011.

IRC Channel

We have an active IRC channel on Freenode, ##pfsense. There are typically around 300-350 people in the channel. If you have a question, just pop in and ask, and wait for a reply. Someone will likely answer, though maybe not immediately. People who come in, ask a question, and quickly leave typically get an answer after leaving.

If you aren't familiar with IRC, see the IRC Wikipedia article for more information. You can also use FreeNode's WebChat to join the conversation.

Project Rules

To keep things orderly, and be fair to everyone, we must enforce these rules.

Please do not post support questions to the blog comments. The comments are for discussion of the post, and letting people ask questions there would make a mess of the purpose of those comments. Any support questions will not be moderator approved.

Please do not cross post questions between the forum and mailing list, unless your inquiry has gone unanswered for at least 24 hours. Do not bump your mailing list or forum posts for at least 24 hours. If you have not received a reply after more than 24 hours, you are welcome to bump your thread.

Please do not email individuals, the coreteam address, or private message people on the forum to ask questions. We provide a wide variety of means for obtaining help in a public forum, where it helps others who have the same questions in the future. We don't have enough time to answer all the questions our users post in the public forums, much less via email and private messages. Since we cannot possibly reply to everyone's email and private messages, to be fair we will not reply to anyone. Individual attention via phone and email support is available for commercial support customers.


We have a documentation wiki available and if you are looking for a more in-depth view of the pfSense project, we recommend you look there.

For example, it contains several tutorials on how to use pfSense software.

pfSense: The Definitive Guide

pfSense 2.1 Book Now Available!

By far the best source of information available on the project, pfSense: The Definitive Guide Version 2.1, is immediately available to Gold Members.

Written by pfSense co-founder Chris Buechler and pfSense developer Jim Pingle, this Definitive Guide to pfSense covers installation and basic configuration through advanced networking and firewalling with the popular open source firewall and router distribution. This book is designed to be a friendly step-by-step guide to common networking and security tasks, plus a thorough reference of pfSense software's capabilities.

The book covers hardware and system planning, installation and upgrades, backups, firewalling fundamentals, port forwarding and Network Address Translation, bridging, Virtual LANs (VLAN), Multi-WAN, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) using IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN, traffic shaping, load balancing, wireless networking and captive portal setups, redundant firewalls and High Availability, system monitoring, logging, traffic analysis, sniffing, packet capturing, troubleshooting, and software package and third-party software installations and upgrades.

The print version of the first edition of pfSense: The Definitive Guide is available from and other retailers. This edition is based on version 1.2.3, so is dated for best information specific to 2.x versions. A print version of the 2.1 book will be available in 2014.