Our Community

If you already use pfSense® software you know it is a great product, but you may not realize there is a great community behind it. There are many avenues that our community members use to communicate with each other. Feel free to lurk to get acquainted and find out for yourself or jump in and start participating.


We have an active forum where you can get help, create a bounty for a project, and more.

Mailing Lists

We have three mailing lists:


Subscribe to this list to receive important notifications from the project administrators. Low volume, only announcements of major new versions and other important announcements. Less than 10 posts per year. Subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your preferences here.

Main list

This list is for any discussion on the project in general, questions on how to do things, discussing problems, etc. Anyone who subscribes can post. Subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage your preferences here.  

List Archive

This list is archived in multiple places:

History from September 2011 to present available at lists.pfsense.org

All list history available from these sources:


Development list

This list is for discussion of development-related topics. If you are developing in relation to pfSense software, this is the place to discuss it. If you aren't writing code, use the above mailing list only. Subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage your preferences here.

IRC Channel

We have an active IRC channel on Freenode, ##pfsense. There are typically around 300-350 people in the channel. If you have a question, just pop in and ask, and wait for a reply. Someone will likely answer, though maybe not immediately. People who come in, ask a question, and quickly leave typically get an answer after leaving.

If you aren't familiar with IRC, see the IRC Wikipedia article for more information. You can also use FreeNode's WebChat to join the conversation.

Latest News

Read the latest pfSense news or go through the archives on our blog.