The pfSense® project is brought to you by a dedicated group of developers from around the world who are security and network professionals by trade.

Over the past twelve months, over 100 developers contributed new code to the pfSense project. This is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh.

Bug Reporting

Most of the bug reports from outside users are not bugs at all, simply misconfigurations. Or alternatively, do not contain nearly enough information for a developer to replicate the problem. If a bug report does not contain the appropriate information to verify a legitimate bug, it will be rejected.

The bug tracker is never to be used for support issues.

Unless you have a very specific description of the problem, including which portion(s) of the underlying system are causing problems/misconfigured and how, you should inquire about your problem using one of our available support channels. If/when a specific bug is found, a bug ticket can be opened.

An example of an invalid bug report is "XYZ doesn't work!" without appropriate accompanying detail. An alternative, to make that a legit bug report, is "XYZ doesn't work, because the underlying xyz.conf has option1=1 where it should be option1=5 when I check box A on thispage.php in the web interface".

If you have a specific, legitimate bug report, please open a ticket in our bug tracker.

For anything that is not a specific, detailed bug report, post to the forum or mailing list first.


To improve the overall release process before a release becomes stable we build test releases called snapshots. Your feedback on these snapshots is greatly appreciated, feel free to post in the build forum or submit a legitimate bug report.


These builds are not considered stable and are for testing purposes only.

Development Services

Professional Development Services

Professional development services are available from the company behind the pfSense project, Electric Sheep Fencing LLC, which employs most of the developers with commit access to the pfSense repository, because of the familiarity with their work and the developers familiarity with the existing code base. This compensation also helps keeps paid developers motivated to continue working on the open source projects on a volunteer basis.

Feature Requests

For smaller jobs, we encourage users to submit bounties for desired features. We have a bounty board on the forum for these projects. Please read the bounty board rules and guidelines for more information.