Development Team

The pfSense® project is brought to you by a dedicated group of developers who are security and network professionals by trade. The following people are active developers of the pfSense project. Username is listed in parenthesis (generally also the person's forum username, IRC nickname, etc.). There are also many other individuals who make contributions to our Github repositories as pull requests.

Active Developers

People with direct commit access, listed in order of seniority along with date of first obtaining commit access:

Chris Buechler (cmb) - Co-founder, August 2004
Bill Marquette (billm) - February 2005
Seth Mos (smos) - November 2005
Ermal Luçi (ermal) - January 2008
Jim Pingle (jim-p) - February 2009
Renato Botelho (rbgarga) - May 2009
Jim Thompson (gonzopancho) - August 2012
Matthew Smith (mgsmith) - January 2013

FreeBSD Developer Assistance

We would like to thank the following FreeBSD developers for their assistance:

Max Laier (mlaier)
Christian S.J. Peron (csjp)
Andrew Thompson (thompsa)
Bjoern A. Zeeb (bz)

among many others who help us directly, and everyone who contributes to FreeBSD.

Inactive Developers

The following individuals are no longer active contributors, having moved on because of other commitments, or employers forbidding contributions. We thank them for their past contributions.

Scott Ullrich (sullrich) - Co-founder
Matthew Grooms (mgrooms)
Mark Crane (mcrane)
Erik Kristensen (ekristen)
Scott Dale (sdale)
Martin Fuchs (mfuchs)
Holger Bauer (hoba)
Rob Zelaya (robiscool)
Daniel Berlin (dberlin)
Daniel Haischt (dsh)
Espen Johansen (lsf)
Scott Kamp (dingo)
Bachman Kharazmi (bkw)
Fernando Tarlá Cardoso Lemos (fernando)
Kyle Mott (kyle)
Colin Smith (colin)